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The EU-BR FUTEBOL project envisages the creation of a federated control framework to integrate testbeds from Europe and Brazil for network researchers form academia/industry with unprecedented features.


Our major goal is to allow the access to advanced experimental facilities in Europe and Brazil for research and education across the wireless and optical domains. To accomplish this, we will develop a converged control framework to support optical/wireless experimentation on the federated research infrastructure from all associated partners/institutions. This way, industry-driven use cases can be deployed to produce advances in research at the optical/wireless boundary.

The Internet must evolve to facilitate a new generation of services as diverse as HD video and autonomous vehicles. New services emerging from the Internet of Things will also have to be accommodated. This requires an evolution of both the wireless network to which we connect and the optical network that forms the backbone of the Internet. FUTEBOL will enable researchers to experiment at the boundary of these two networks, through a network testbed federation that spans Europe and Brazil.

— DaSilva, Luiz in IrishTechNews

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