Participation in CloudScape

Cloudscape Brazil 2015



Event Description:

  • “Encouraged by the success of the Cloudscape Europe series, now in its seventh year, the EU Brazil Cloud Connect project rolled-out the first edition of Cloudscape Brazil. Cloudscape Brazil set the bar high on serious policy issues around taxation, bandwidth, energy pricing and data protection, which are slowing down cloud adoption in Brazil. High on the agenda was the ambition to shape cloud developments in both Brazil and Europe by bringing insights into current market trends, challenges slowing down mainstream adoption of cloud services and best practices to address them.” — CloudScape2015.

Location & Date:

  • Rio de Janeiro, 02 December 2015

Presentation Description:

  • FUTEBOL – To develop and deploy research infrastructure, and an associated control framework for experimentation, in Europe and Brazil, that enables experimental research at the convergence point between optical and wireless networks


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