Best Paper Award at LANCOMM’2016


The ACM SIGCOMM Latin American Workshop on Data Communication Networks (LANCOMM) aims to foster a higher representation of Latin American researchers working in data communication networks at SIGCOMM, as well as bridging Latin American research groups. LANCOMM serves as a meeting point for Latin American researchers to share new ideas and experiences and to discuss the challenges linked to the development of data communication networks in Latin America.

The paper “Latency Measurement as a Virtualized Network Function using Metherxis” received an award as one of the best papers presented at LANCOMM’16 workshop. It proposes and evaluates a system to conduct latency measurements.

Congratulations to the authors D. R. Mafioletti, A. B. Liberatto , R. Villaça, C. Dominicini, M. Martinello, M. R. N. Ribeiro.