Year One Review and Operator’s Workshop

Between 30rd of May and 2nd of June the FUTEBOL consortium was meeting in Brasilia, with the main purpose of project’s evaluation.
During the four days, several meetings took place: the review’s preparation (rehearsal meeting), the operator’s workshop, and the review meeting itself.

The operator’s workshop, with around 50 attendees, took place in the 1st of June, gathering researchers, network operators, and the Brazilian regulatory agency in order to foster cooperation, share experiences, and discuss challenges and opportunities for future optical-wireless network deployments.

The panelists and keynote speakers were composed from both academia and operators personal.
Namely, the following institutions were at stage sharing their views about the different topics that FUTEBOL tackles:

  • Anatel
  • Fibre project
  • Intel Mobile Communications GmbH
  • Instituto Tecnológico Vale (ITV)
  • Algar Telecom
  • Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
  • Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em Telecomunicações (CPqD)
  • Universidade Federal de Uberlândia (UFU)
  • Universidade de Minas Gerais (UFMG)

Moreover, there were remote and live demonstration for smart lights systems, developed in the context of Exp. 3.1.

The FUTEBOL’s first year review meeting happened in the 2nd of June.
In this meeting, Brazilian and European reviewers evaluated the project regarding its current achievements and what has been promised in the project’s submission.
During presentations made by consortium partners, the reviewers had the time to ask questions and suggest improvements for the work that was done during the first year.
It was a great success!
In fact, only minor deviations to the initial plan had happened and all project’s KPIs were superseded.
Congratulations to all FUTEBOL partners.

To check the workshop’s program, click here

To check the presentations from the review, visit our Presentations page