FUTEBOL at the Global Experimentation for Future Internet – GEFI

Professor Johann Marquez-Barja at GEFI

The 2017 edition of the Global Experimentation for Future Internet (GEFI) meeting was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during the 26th and 27th of October 2017. Main players from Korea, Japan, Brazil, USA, and Europe of the experimentation-based research and testbed infrastructures arena were gathered together in order to discuss current challenges and future directions of several topics considered within the context of experimental future internet research, supported by testbeds and research infrastructure.
FUTEBOL was invited to participate in the GEFI meeting. Prof. Cristiano Both represented the FUTEBOL consortium, while Prof. Johann Marquez-Barja gave a talk on “Heterogeneity and Extensibility in Next Generation Testbeds”, where he highlighted the FUTEBOL infrastructure.

Presentation: Here