FUTEBOL Open Call – Selected Proposals

The Open Call has just started! Three proposals have been selected for advanced support. These include:

  • Testing Adaptive Scaling for Evolved Packet Core in the FUTEBOL Research Infrastructure – Universidad del Cauca, Colombia
  • NovaGenesis – ICT Lab, Inatel, Brazil
  • AAHCCaVI: Adaptation Aware Hybrid Client-Cache; a smart pre-fetching scheme for DASH for Regular Videos and Immersive Contents – University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA

While the proposals:

  • Evaluating Wireless Body Area Network MAC Protocols Power Consumption (WBAN) – Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil
  • Experiments in Cognitive Radios – Federal University of Lavras, Brazil

Have been selected for basic support.

This an important phase for the project because experimenters may test the resources available in FUTEBOL’s testbeds and provide their feedback. Results shall appear starting from October 2018.