FUTEBOL in SEMISH and Cloudscape 2018

In the end of July 2018, Dr. Luiz DaSilva and Dr. Juliano Wickboldt have been in Natal, representing FUTEBOL at CSBC 2018 (http://natal.uern.br/eventos/csbc2018/), with an invited talk, a demo booth and panel participation.

CSBC is the main event of the Brazilian Computing Society, that hosts satellite events (like SEMISH and Cloudscape) from all areas of computing, with an average of 2000 participants. SEMISH is among the most traditional events in computer science in Brazil, currently in its 45th edition. Cloudscape is an event organized by the EUBRCloudForum project, also from the 3rd coordinated EU-BR call (https://eubrasilcloudforum.eu/en/cloudscape-brazil-and-workshop-cloud-networks-2018).