Experiments Overview

The FUTEBOL project has been divided in 3 use cases and 5 experiments. The mapping between use cases and experiments is as follows:

  1. Use case 1: The impact of broadband wireless and Dynamic Spectrum Access on optical infrastructure
    • Experiment 1: Licensed Shared Access for extended LTE capacity with E2E QoE
  2. Use case 2: The design of optical backhaul for next-generation wireless
    • Experiment 2.1A: SDN-controlled multi-cell resource allocation in converged LTE-over-PON and optical core
    • Experiment 2.1B: Using D2D and machine learning to improve cellular users’ QoE for video streaming
    • Experiment 2.2: Real-time remote control of robots over an SDN infrastructure
  3. Use case 3: The interplay between bursty, low data rate wireless and optical network architectures
    • Experiment 3.1: Adaptive converged infrastructure for IoT
    • Experiment 3.2: Radio-over-Fibre for IoT environment monitoring

All experiments listed above try to enhance certain particularities in the convergence point between wireless/optical. The project’s experiments big picture is below.

Project’s Experiments Big Picture