The overall objective of the FUTEBOL project is to develop and deploy research infrastructure, and an associated control framework for experimentation, in Europe and Brazil, that enables experimental research about the convergence point between optical and wireless networks.

Great progress has been made in the past few years on the development of federated telecommunications research infrastructure in Europe, through the FIRE program. More recently, the FIBRE project enabled fiber optical interconnection of research facilities in Europe and Brazil. However, telecommunications research remains largely segregated between optical networks and wireless systems, and rarely do researchers cross the boundary between the two. We argue that the needs of future telecommunication systems, be it from high data rate applications in smart mobile devices, machine-type communications and the Internet of Things (IoT), or backhaul requirements brought about from cell densification, require the co-design of the wireless access and the optical backhaul and backbone. FUTEBOL aims at developing a converged control framework for experimentation on wireless and optical networks and to deploy this framework in federated research facilities on both sides of the Atlantic.

The infrastructure and control framework created in FUTEBOL will be federated according to principles developed in the FIRE program and facilities in the two continents interconnected through infrastructure deployed by the FIBRE project.

Specific project objectives and measurable goals include:

OBJECTIVE 1 – To deploy facilities in Europe and Brazil that can be accessed by external experimenters for experimentation that requires integration of wireless and optical technologies.
  • Tangible goal: at least three partner facilities in Europe and three partner facilities in Brazil will be enabled for use by external experimenters working on research topics dealing with the convergence of wireless and optical networks.
  • Tangible goal: these facilities will be federated with functionality created in the Fed4FIRE project.
  • Tangible goal: FUTEBOL will integrate the Bristol-is-Open (BiO) city-scale and real-life testbed and will offer it to experimenters. BiO supports IoT and data center infrastructure integration with the wireless and optical backbone of a city infrastructure ecosystem. This will create opportunities for wider adoption of FUTEBOL experimental facility, both within the smart cities and the wider industry.
OBJECTIVE 2 – To develop and deploy a converged control framework for experimentation at the optical/wireless boundary, currently missing in FIRE and FIBRE research infrastructure.
  • Tangible goal: the converged control framework will be demonstrated by partners both in Europe and Brazil.
  • Tangible goal: the control framework will be openly available for adoption by other experimental facilities not in the consortium.
OBJECTIVE 3 – To conduct industry-informed experimental research using the optical/wireless facilities.
  • Tangible goal: demonstration of at least three showcase experiments that address problems of wireless/optical convergence and that involve a partnership between at least one industrial and one academic partner of the consortium.
  • Tangible goal: demonstration of at least three showcase experiments that address problems of wireless/optical convergence and that involve a partnership between at least one partner in Brazil and one in Europe.
  • Tangible goal: demonstration of at least one showcase experiment that makes combined use of more than one of the federated testbeds.
OBJECTIVE 4 – To create a sustainable ecosystem of collaborative research and industrial/academic partnerships between Brazil and Europe.
  • Tangible goal: at least 30 publications, fifteen of which are jointly authored, with at least one author in Brazil and one in Europe, in leading telecommunication journals or conferences during the lifetime of the project.
  • Tangible goal: Participation of Brazilian partners in at least two Technical Committees meetings of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). Relevant results from FUTEBOL’s experiments will be presented by Brazilian partners fostering future collaboration between Brazil and ETSI. Two initial targets are ETSI RRS (Reconfigurable Radio Systems) and ETSI NFV (Network Function Virtualization) groups. Brazilian partners can participate in ETSI meetings as associated members.
  • Tangible goal: at least one research group in Latin America (outside Brazil) will be involved in experimentation enabled by FUTEBOL, paving the way for broadening the collaboration established by FUTEBOL through the inclusion of other Latin American countries.
  • Tangible goal: identification of a sustainability model for continued support of infrastructure established in the project for collaboration between industry and academia in Europe and Brazil beyond the lifetime of the project.
OBJECTIVE 5 – To create education and outreach materials for a broad audience interested in experimental issues in wireless and optical networks.
  • Tangible goal: three video lectures (to be available via the project website and YouTube), in English and Portuguese, on topics related to each of the three use cases defined in section 1.3 and address through experimentation using FUTEBOL research infrastructure.
  • Tangible goal: organization of at least two meetings with the Brazilian telecommunications regulator (ANATEL – Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações) to provide an overview of the main FUTEBOL results that may have an impact on telecommunications regulation, managing radiofrequency spectrum and digital inclusion. The dialogue with ANATEL will be reflected in a white paper that will be disseminated to the European regulatory bodies (national regulators, CEPT and European Commission).
  • Tangible goal: integration with the Science without Borders (Ciência sem Fronteiras, or CsF) programme, by hosting five Brazilian CsF students in the laboratories of the European partners, during the lifetime of the project.
  • Tangible goal: organization of two FUTEBOL promotional workshops held in conjunction with major international events.