Overall structure of the work plan

The overall structure of the FUTEBOL work plan is organized into six work packages (WP1-WP6) as depicted in the figure below. WP1 (Management) is the main underlying Work Package that oversees all the activities in WP2 through to WP6. Furthermore, a tight-coupling exists between all the work packages due to the interdependencies of the results from each Work Package to the remaining work packages.

The description of each Work Package is summarised below:

WP1 – Project management – provides the coordination, organisation, administrative and technical management for WP2 to WP6. The main objective of this Work Package is the overall management of the work to be done among the two consortia in Europe and Brazil.

WP2 – Testbed and Scenario Definition – details the test platform (the unified framework for optical/wireless control and facilities on which this will be deployed) to be developed in FUTEBOL, the requirements for this platform, and the showcases in which FUTEBOL will conduct research using this platform.

WP3 – Access and Platform Federation – covers the efforts related to the creation of a FUTEBOL federation of testbeds and its interconnection to FIRE and FIBRE communities.

WP4 – Converged Optical/Wireless Control Framework – implements the FUTEBOL converged optical/wireless control framework (including the design and instantiation of the control framework and the update of test facilities).

WP5 – Innovation Experiments – conducts the experiments that support the showcases defined in WP2. This includes the research and implementation necessary to collect such experimentation.

WP6 – Dissemination and Exploitation – disseminates and exploits the results of FUTEBOL, outlining and implementing them with a particular target on end users and other relevant stakeholders.