2017 – Operator’s Workshop (Brasília)

icon-file-text-o FUTEBOL: Project Overview

icon-file-text-o FUTEBOL Live Demo: Cloud and Fog interplay in an optical/wireless infrastructure

icon-file-text-o Valério Frascolla: “5G Use Cases for Olympic Games”


icon-file-text-o Prof. Daniel Macedo: “Conectando os próximos bilhões de dispositivos sem fio”

icon-file-text-o 3GPP SA1 FUTEBOL Discussion Paper

icon-file-text-o Professor Magnos Martinello Presentation at TRANSFIERE

icon-file-text-o Dr. Marquez-Barja: “Enabling 5G Future Networks Keynote”


icon-file-text-o Presentation to Ericsson and CPqD

icon-file-text-o FUTEBOL-ENCOM 2016 – TV White Spaces

icon-file-text-o FUTEBOL-ICTWeek

icon-file-text-o FUTEBOL-EUBrasilCloudFORUM

icon-file-text-o Presentation_FUTEBOL_ICTWeek


icon-file-text-o Fire-Forum presentation

icon-file-text-o FUTEBOL-CloudScape