Open Access

The FUTEBOL testbeds are already available to the general public. Access is free for researchers, companies, and educators. The tutorials available on the site give the basic steps to create an account and make basic experiments. There are written tutorials as well as YouTube videos in Portuguese and English. If you have any questions regarding the testbeds and their use, please send us an e-mail.

SMEs associated to FUTEBOL


E-AWARE Technologies is an R&D company born within the automation research group of UFRGS. E-AWARE Technologies seeks to design simple and reliable IoT solutions based on wireless communication and sensing technologies, allowing quick and easy access to industrial process variables as well as changes in physical environment conditions. The company covers different segments, such as livestock, agriculture, energy and others.

E-AWARE and FUTEBOL are partnering to extend the testbed at UFRGS with new sensors and wireless nodes. This partnership will allow FUTEBOL experimenters to reserve and use in their experiments an IEEE 802.15.4 gateway, in which several sensor nodes from E- AWARE’s testing environment are connected. The information collected from the sensors is forwarded to the gateway, which is controlled by the experimenter, and can be used to test different IoT applications in a realistic environment.

Further information on how to book and use these sensors in an experiment will be release soon at UFRGS testbed website Stay tuned!