“FUTEBOL from a network operator perspective is an interesting research project, which covers relevant research questions such as what potential scenarios affecting the network could look like, for example how to cope with latency requirements for next generation technologies such as 5G, or why software-driven networks (i.e., implementing NFVI and virtualization) are required to provide with the infrastructure to cope with the upcoming services.”

“I had support by Diarmuid Collins, that is the IRIS Testbed manager at Trinity College Dublin. Diarmuid was very diligent and attentive in the given support”


“[…] FUTEBOL allowed us to test and validade our product in two complete different setups and in different markets (European market and Brazilan market).”

“The support provided by FUTEBOL – UFMG has been very important for the development of our project. We are very satisfied with the support.”

“The FUTEBOL testbed was very important in the developing for the mini-course taught at SBRC 2017. In this mini-course we needed to use USRPs in the experiments and there were about 15 students. If we had to provide multiple USRPs for the mini-course, we would not have enough numbers for all students.”


“Knowning that the testbed of FUTEBOL can provide the environment to carry out some tests, we understand that it [FUTEBOL OpenAccess] was an excelent opportunity to assist in the selection of new technologies and also in the agility for developing new products and solutions within E-AWARE.”


“[…] The two projects [NECOS and FUTEBOL] present a very interesting future vision for services and resources for the fifth generation of networks.”

“We were glad to see that there is a very good match between a starting project in our R&D unit and the FUTEBOL testbed at UFES. Thus, we are envisioning a clear use of FUTEBOL testbed at UFES for prototyping our algorithms…”